Belo and Gracyanne Barbosa separate after 16 years


After 16 years, Belo and Gracyanne Barbosa are no longer together. The news was confirmed by the fitness muse in an interview with journalist Leo Dias, after the information that the two had already been separated for eight months was revealed by columnist Lucas Pasin, from UOL.

According to Pasin, despite still living together, the singer is already preparing to move to another house, in the Recreio neighborhood, in the west of Rio, while Gracyanne must remain in the couple’s mansion with other family members. The couple would also be preparing documents for separation.

During the program Fofocalizando (SBT), Leo Dias said he spoke to Gracyanne over the phone. The journalist claims that the former Tchakabum dancer admitted that she cheated on her ex-husband with her gym trainer, but that the relationship did not go ahead.

According to Dias, Gracyanne also said that the marriage had been in crisis for just under a year. The reason is that the ex-couple would not have time alone because of their busy schedules.

Belo and Gracyanne have not shared photos together on social media since December 2023. When contacted, the two did not answer calls from F5 or responded to messages sent by the team. The press offices of the singer and the influencer stated that they will not comment on the matter.

Source: Folha

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