Murilo Benício says he lived with a ‘ghost’ in Adriana Esteves’ haunted apartment


Murilo Benício not only believes in “ghosts” but also shared an apartment with one of these hauntings in the early 2000s. Guest of “Que História É Essa, Porchat?” last Tuesday (16), the actor spoke about his experience in a property purchased from Adriana Esteves shortly after his separation from Alessandra Negrini. The two met behind the scenes of the soap opera “Meu Bem Querer” (1998).

Playing the abusive villain Jayme from “Justice 2”, he recalled that only after six months of living with his eldest son Antonio in the new residence, he discovered that the place was inhabited by a “ghost”, who even had a name: Hugo.

Benício told about the first apparition. “Antônio loved to run down the hall and jump on my bed. I was going after him and a man passed by me. When I looked at Antonio, he said: ‘Dad, who came into my room? The man came out of the bathroom and entered my room.’ I had to show courage!” began the actor, who found nothing but spent the night praying.

“I promised I would pray every night, but Antonio would never be able to see this ghost again. Said and done. But I started to create a relationship with Hugo, I would talk because he was the one who turned on the lights in the whole house. He turned on the sound in the middle at night, then I had to go and turn it off”, he said, drawing laughter from the audience.

During a meeting with a “crush” in the apartment, the ghost exploded a lamp in the laundry area, irritating Benício. “I went to the kitchen shouting that he doesn’t respect his neighbors: ‘Hell, I hate you… for me you took your things and left yesterday’. When I came back, she (the crush) had her eyes that big … I asked: Did you see? And she: “No, I heard. How can you talk to an employee like that?” So I said: ‘No, he’s an employee.” Because she didn’t know if it was worse if she thought I screamed at people or was sure I had a ghost in there,’ he explained.

Source: Folha

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