Qualifications for… double Roma and unbeaten Leverkusen – Liverpool did not continue their “hot” start


The first three spots for the Europa League semi-finals have been locked in, with the fourth ticket still open.

And that’s because the Marseille prevailed 1-0 Benficatied it at the expense of the score (2-1) of the first match and sent the match to extension.

The winner of this pair will find opposite her Atalanta. The “Bergamaski” saw her Liverpool to start impressively and take the lead just in the 7th minute with Salah’s penalty. However, with Anfield 3-0 down, they held on and did not allow the Reds to complete another epic upset in their history, with the score remaining until the final in 0-1.

At the same time, Rome double her wins (2-1after Rome’s 1-0) against Milan qualifying for the semi-finals. Where he will face her Leverkusen. Xabi Alonso’s team drew 1-1 at its headquarters West Ham defending their 2-0 lead from Germany. In fact – continuing her path towards the legendary treble – she also kept it invincibility by equalizing in the 89th minute with Fribong.

Atalanta-Liverpool 0-1

Terrible fightback from the “reds”, who won a penalty with… good evening, with Ruggeri waving after Alexander-Arnold’s turn. The execution was undertaken by Salahwho opened the scoring just at 7′!

Jurgen Klopp’s team tried to build on their momentum, having opportunities with Luis Diaz (13′) and Salah (39′), while the hosts also had their moments.

However, the scene didn’t continue in the rest of the first part, nor in the second, with Atalanta holding on and getting the big qualification and their friends throwing parties!

Roma-Milan 2-1

Having “kavaza” the 1-0 Milan, Roma made an amazing start in the “Olimpico”!

Giuseppe De Rossi’s side found a two-goal lead halfway through the first half. First “hit” by Mancini in the 12′, who took the “rebound” after Pellegrini’s shot on the post. And since o Loftus-Chik at 20′ he replied to beams but not in goals either, came o Dybala in the 22′ to form with placedara the 0-2.

In the 29th minute, De Rossi went on to forced changewith Abraham replacing him Lukakuwhile things got worse in the 31st minute, when the numerical balance changed, with Steel to face her directly red card and Roma to stay with ten players.

Despite this, the home team not only endured, but in the second half they also had long periods with Spinazzola (58′) and Abraham (65′). While, they were not stressed either when at 85′ The Gambia went down in the final 2-1.

West Ham-Bayer Leverkusen 1-1

Excellent start from West Ham as well, who had to overturn the 2-0 loss from Leverkusen.

Although Xabi Alonso’s team also had the first good moment with Tella (11′), it was the hosts who found the net in 13′. Of course, it was necessary to misjudge the opposing goalkeeper, with him Kovar to misjudge Bowen’s cross, with Mark Antony to take advantage of his opponent’s wrong exit to score with a header.

The Hammers came close to making it 2-0 in the 25th minute, but on this occasion Kovar put a stop to Bowen’s finish. The same player, who was the driving force of his team, also had a huge missed opportunity in the 60th minute with a shot from a vantage point.

West Ham needed one more goal to send the game into extra time. They had their chances, as did Leverkusen. Main spokesperson of the guests o Fribongwho was also the one who found the net in the 89′ for the 1-1 final, sealing qualification and maintaining his team’s unbeaten streak!

In detail, the results:

Marseille-Benfica 1-0 (extra time)

(80′ Mumbania)

Atalanta-Liverpool 0-1

(7′ Pen. Salah)

Roma-Milan 2-1

(12′ Mancini, 22′ Dybala – 85′ Gambia)

West Ham – Bayer Leverkusen 1-1

(13′ M. Antonio – 89′ Fribong)

The schedule of the semi-finals:

Thursday 2/5

Marseille/Benfica – Atalanta (22:00)

Roma-Bayer Leverkusen (22:00)

Thursday 9/5

Atalanta – Marseille/Benfica


Bayer Leverkusen-Roma (22:00)

The final will be held on May 22 in the Dublin.

Source: Sport Fm

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