Find out who Gilson de Oliveira is, personal trainer and pivot of Gracyanne Barbosa and Belo’s separation


The announcement of Gracyanne Barbosa and Belo’s separation took fans of the now ex-couple by surprise this Thursday (18). They spent 16 years together and after a marital crisis lasting more than a year, the two decided to separate after the pagode singer discovered the fitness influencer had betrayed him.

Gracyanne spoke about the separation and said she had an extramarital affair with a personal trainer from the gym she works out in Rio. According to information from the program Fofocalizando, the professional’s name is Gilson de Oliveira. Gracyanne said that she started the romance when she was already separated, but that relationship has already come to an end.

With almost 3 thousand followers on Instagram, Gilson is 42 years old and has open social networks. In them, he posts photos and videos of heavy training. A teacher at several academies in Barra da Tijuca, west of Rio, he also practices jiu-jitsu. In his spare time, he goes hiking and takes ballroom dancing classes. Like Gracyanne, he likes dogs and supplements.

Gilson is a Flamengo fan and has trained for cross championships and challenges. In its bio, the personal offers online consultancy services, weight loss, strength training and rebuilding self-esteem and confidence. He also posts photos at various beaches and tourist attractions in Rio de Janeiro.

Source: Folha

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