THE Dimitris Skarmoutsos and the “Neighborhoods on the plate» return this Saturday, April 20 at 16.45 in one of the liveliest culinary scenes in Greece, the Thessaloniki.

A “Utopia» is the first stop of this new tour. A small shop whose creation was envisioned for years by its two creators. A winery with a few tables very simple and delicious food. A constant value on the menu is the crispy and juicy schnitzel, while 2-3 home-cooked options are offered daily, different each time.

Arriving in Kalamaria, Dimitris Skarmoutsos visits one of the most famous shops in Thessaloniki, the “Canteen of Annula». It may no longer be housed in a canteen, but it has not lost a trace of its taste and personality. An integral part of its menu are the huge and delicious sandwiches with pancetta, sausage or souvlaki.

Followed by “Mourouzis» an old, classic pastry shop of Thessaloniki that has been in the same spot since the late 70s. Excellent traditional sweets in a very beautiful space full of children’s toys, colored boxes and many sweet souvenirs.

The ride ends with a stop for continental snacks at “Kitsch and I ate you». Eleni and Maria’s shop also offers many tempting dishes such as chickpeas with minced meat, lamb with trachana and a different flour pie.

Returning to the studio o Dimitris Skarmoutsos creates two more separate recipes: mushroom stew and curry chicken nuggets.

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See you next week in another neighborhood!