After being called a ‘charlatan’, Joel Jota gives up on being godfather at the Olympics


After being called a “charlatan”, coach Joel Jota resigned from his role as Team Brazil’s mentor at the Paris Olympics after being announced by the COB (Brazilian Olympic Committee) for this role.

This happens after Olympic swimmers such as Joanna Maranhão and Bruno Fratus disapproved of the choice of their former colleague, who among athletes is considered a “charlatan” and accused of exaggerating about his sporting achievements.

Through social media, Jota explained the decision. “After being very happy with the invitation, I came to the conclusion that it would be better for me and my family if I no longer participate as godfather of the Brazilian delegation in Paris,” he wrote.

“I want to thank you for the invitation. The simple invitation I received represents a great recognition for me. I take this opportunity to wish much success to the athletes who will defend their sports. My love for the sport remains unshakable”, he published.

Jota declares that he is a former swimmer for the Brazilian team. He also claims to be “one of the fastest swimmers in the world”.

In an interview with F5, Joel Jota stated that there was “noise in communication”, and that he is a former member of the Brazilian team. Just not the Olympic one.

“There are several Brazilian teams,” explained Joel. “They are saying that I invented my CV. I didn’t invent it, I was on the Brazilian team. At no point did I say I was on the Olympic team”, he explained.

Joel also stated that his “position” in the COB was misunderstood by the public. “I’m not a sports mentor, but rather a godfather of Team Brasil,” he explained. According to him, the position would not have a salary, only travel expenses would be paid, and he would be “at the disposal” of the committees and directors.

Source: Folha

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