BBB 24: Davi criticizes ‘gossip’ about supposed separation: ‘I can solve my life’


Despite neither confirming nor denying, BBB 24 champion, Davi Brito, used social media to complain about “gossip” about his intimate life. In the last few hours, news surrounding his alleged separation with Mani Rego came to light, and on the web, many people began to create theories that would explain the reason for the separation.

Annoyed, Davi made videos complaining about this exposure. “I fought a lot, I’m not going to admit that these people are talking about me on Instagram 24 hours a day. Go find another topic. I’ll solve my life”, he said, quite irritated.

At no point did Davi mention Mani’s name or say that they were both well and happy. He preferred to criticize those who talk about other people’s lives.

“Stop hurting people, that’s ugly. I’m outraged by this situation. Is it because I’m black? Did I get here because someone supported me?”, he replied.

The story of the alleged breakup gained momentum after Mani’s sister, Fabianna Rego, stopped following Davi on Instagram.

Rumors of possible confusion in the Bahian’s family arose when Davi referred to Mani as “my girlfriend” at breakfast with Ana Maria Braga on Wednesday (17). The cook has always defined herself as the ex-BBB’s “wife”. However, as the Bahian’s lawyer had already assured the F5the couple says they are fine.

O F5 found that the lawyer representing Davi’s mother and sister advised them – and recommended that the guidance be passed on to Davi himself – to say that he and Mani are not married.

Source: Folha

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