Ramille, Andromeda from ‘Família é Tudo’, reviews her trajectory until her debut as the protagonist


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Featured in “Família É Tudo”, Globo’s current seven soap opera, Ramille Xavier, 26, worked hard to get an opportunity on television. Even though this is his debut in soap operas — and already with the status of a protagonist —, the road to get there was long.

Born in Rio de Janeiro, Ramille still lives with her parents in the Irajá neighborhood, in the north of the capital of Rio de Janeiro. And being from Irajá is her greatest pride. “I’m from there, born and raised”, she tells F5. “I always wanted to be an artist, since I was young, it was always a certainty in my life.”

For a period, she expressed this in Sapucaí. “I was a Salgueiro dancer for a long time,” she reveals. “But being a dancer is a huge responsibility and I decided to retire for now. But who knows, maybe I’ll come back? I want to come back one day,” she says.

As a teenager, Ramille studied at Tablado, one of the best-known theater schools in Brazil. But it didn’t last long. “At that time, my singing side spoke louder,” she recalls. “And I’m eight or eighty. I study and immerse myself, because I don’t like being half-assed. And I decided to sing.”

In 2019, she moved to China, where she went to sing and dance in a show made for Brazilians in the country. Her return was shortly before the Covid-19 pandemic began in the Asian country. But she decided not to stand still.

“I had already left college, I was already a little lost,” she says. “Talking to my parents, they asked me to come back. When I came back, I took a summer course, I met my coach, but the pandemic came. And, during the pandemic, I decided to throw myself into it. I studied a lot online.”

The study focused on TV and cinema changed the young woman’s life. “I became very nerdy, I just studied”, she jokes. “I started to understand the technique. I studied text, theory, improvisation, everything.”

Ready to try something on television, Ramille started auditioning at Globo. The first one she worked on was for “Encantado’s”, a Globoplay series that takes place in the Rio suburbs.

Meanwhile, she tried to win roles in soap operas. She was evaluated for plots such as “Malhação: Transformação” (a season that was not even produced), “Todas as Flores” (2022) and “Vai na Fé” (2023). “I auditioned for Kate, but ‘Encantado’s’ didn’t release me, because the second season would coincide with the soap opera’s recordings. Thank God they found Clara Moneke”, she says.

Soon after, Ramille was approved for Daniel Ortiz’s plot. She confesses that she wasn’t very excited. “I didn’t even audition for Andromeda, it was for another character. I had already forgotten. But when I was in a class, I received the news that they wanted me for it”, she recalls.

Unlike Andromeda, a rich girl who tries to make a name for herself in her music career using the fact that she is the granddaughter of a record label owner, Ramille has been struggling for a long time. In 2013, when she was a teenager, she was a semi-finalist in the Brazilian version of the reality competition Got Talent, produced by Record at the time — the attraction only had one season and went off the air due to low audience numbers.

Ramille says he didn’t advance to the final because he fell ill on the day of the decisive presentation. “In the last performance, I went to São Paulo, I got sick, I left in an ambulance, they gave me medication in my veins, and I went on stage”, he says. “I was a little groggy during the last performance, it wasn’t the song I wanted to sing… But it was a cool experience.”


If Estúdios Globo practically became Ramille’s home, due to the demand for work with the soap opera, Andrômeda’s style also seems to inhabit the actress at times. She laughs, jokes and makes jokes. And she says it’s always been that way.

“I don’t even know if I discovered that I had a comedic streak. That’s how I am. My mother is like that too. This way is just my truth”, he says. “I know that when the director first saw me and talked to me for five minutes, he told me I was Andromeda, literally.”

Perhaps this explains its growing popularity for the plot. “I’m calm. It hasn’t changed that much yet. But every now and then, it comes: ‘Aren’t you by any chance the girl in the soap opera?’. That’s cool”, he says.

Ramille also knows that she is part of a recent transformation on TV, especially at Globo, which is more open to showing black faces on screen. “I was very inspired by Taís Araújo, in several references”, she says. “I know that occupying this space is beautiful, but we want more. I want more!”

Source: Folha

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