With an original music video clip o Municipality of Leipso addressed to the traveling public for vacations on the island in spring and Easter.

The rapper “Michalaras” together with the mayor of Lipson Mango Light joined their voices in a special musical song entitled “Come with me to Leipsos”, which “marries” the traditional island music with rap.

“The idea came about after a chance meeting on the island last summer where by the sea we were inspired and composed together, lyrics and music.

We wanted to show that when the authentic mixes with the modern, something unique and original is created,” said Mr. Maggos. The music video for the song “travels” the audience to the sustainable paradise of the Dodecanese with images and footage of the enchanting beaches, the picturesque village, the alternative activities and the 24 exotic islands. “It turns out that the unpretentious always remains current and in demand. Our successive ecological and sustainable initiatives in recent years have created a model model of tourism development that brings measurable results.

For 2023, Leipsi set a record number of visitors with travelers enjoying authentic travel experiences and modern tourist services at reasonable prices. The momentum building for the new season is just as great as travelers’ intentions to visit widen considerably before and after July and August,” adds the mayor. It is noted that the new piece of music is already being promoted by a record company, while it is a continuation of the municipality’s strategy that began three years ago with the interpretation of a timeless Italian song and the filming of a video clip on the island, an action that resonated with the Italian public at the time and was highlighted until and from the popular newspaper La Repubblica.