Billie Eilish says she likes to masturbate in front of the mirror: ‘Sex is my favorite subject’


About to release another album, Billie Eilish opened up about sexuality. In 2023, the singer stated in an interview that she is bisexual and spoke about her relationship with her body.

In an interview with the American magazine Rolling Stone, she states that, during her life, she fell in love with some women, but understood the attraction when she realized that she wanted to put her face in a vagina.

One of the artist’s statements is about sex and masturbation. She said that she loves masturbating in front of the mirror because it makes her feel empowered. “Partly because it’s exciting, but it also makes me have a raw, deep connection with myself and a love for my body that I’ve never had. I could have a PhD in masturbation.”

“Looking at myself in the mirror and thinking ‘I look beautiful now’ is so helpful. I’ve learned that looking at myself and seeing myself feel pleasure has really helped me love and accept myself.”

To relax and deal with depression, what he likes most is having sex, which is actually his favorite topic.

“People feel so uncomfortable talking about it and it makes them weird when women are very comfortable in their sexuality.” Billie even says that she was never a happy person, even though she had happy moments.

“I feel like ‘Hit Me Hard and Soft’ [álbum] it’s me,” she says. “It’s not a character. It feels like my youth and who I was as a kid.”

Source: Folha

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