The right looks for her Easter Sunday must be brought today by its contestants My Style Rocks. However, the outfits they present should draw inspiration from local tradition. Each look and a different Greek destination with elements from the traditional clothing of the region.

What places will they take us to and what images will they bring to the set of My Style Rocks?

Simone may no longer give a “5” but her attitude is not very different from yesterday, emphasizing once again the words honesty and rudeness… When her look is called off-topic, the jury wonders if it was done on purpose or by mistake…

Dimitra is holding a tagari which has been woven on the traditional loom 200 years ago!


Nikolina with the rocket she wears wins impressions, but she does not hesitate to admit that she is petty in terms of the rating she puts in Casablanca!



At the end of the episode, the contestant with the highest score emerges as the winner of the week and receives the check for 2,500 euros.

The three contestants with the lowest score are candidates for elimination. Who will the other fashionistas save with their vote and who will leave My Style Rocks?

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