Adriano Imperador denies affair with Gracyanne and Belo: ‘I don’t even know what this ménage is’


Adriano Imperador said that the rumors that he had a threesome with Gracyanne Barbosa and Belo, before the couple separated, are false. The former player spoke out on social media this Friday (26), dissatisfied with having been involved in the controversy surrounding the end of the marriage between the fitness muse and the pagodeiro.

This week, during the program Geral do Povo (Rede TV), columnist Bruno Di Simone revealed that Belo and Gracyanne were used to having sexual relations with more people. And one of them would have been the former player.

“Once again this controversy that they are inventing about me. About Belo, Gracyanne and me. I don’t even know what this ménage (à trois) thing is that they are talking about”, said Adriano on social media. “I have greater respect for Belo. I never went out with Gracyanne”, he added.

He also said that he will sue the columnist responsible for the false information. “As this is not stopping, I will make it very clear here. This guy who is saying this about me, who invented this about me, can be sure that he will be sued. This does not exist. I have never done this in my life”, he stated.

“Always, when I least expect it, they invent these things about me. My fans, that’s all a lie. I never did that kind of threesome (laughs). That’s the real truth. I’m a man, everyone knows that,” he added.

Source: Folha

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