The Reds may not have managed to make it two wins in a row for a long time, but in recent days they have been winning more and more often. In fact, the victory in the last immunity match came quite easily, easier than the final 9-7 shows.

The match started perfectly for the Reds, who brought 4 wins in the first 4 matches. Even Asimina, despite the fall she had in her match, was able to get a point.

Dora had a very good day with a total of 3 points.

The Reds were literally screwed, but managed to take the Game to 7-2 and have a clear lead for the win.

But where everything was going perfectly for the team and the Blues were faced with the possibility of a competitive crash, Giorgos Giulekas seems to have decided not to fight an opponent and reckoned that his opponents would not fight him either. But Fanis chose him and this caused the explosion of the Red player, attributing this choice to selfish motives.

This anabambula on the Red bench gave wings to the Blues, and the match quickly reached the point! Katerina Dalaka, realizing what had happened, became furious with her teammate.

The Blues may have escaped the big loss, but they didn’t have what it took to complete the turnaround and take the win. Dora beat Stavroula again and closed the match. The Blue player attributed the defeat to luck.

In the council that followed, the Blues voted for Stamatis Taladianos as the third candidate to leave. It remains to be seen what the result of the fourth immunity of the week will be and which player will close the quartet of candidates.