Water purifiers purchased with Felipe Neto’s crowdfunding arrive in Rio Grande do Sul


After raising more than R$4.8 million in one day, Felipe Neto organized the purchase of 220 water purifiers to send to places affected by floods in Rio Grande do Sul.

The machines arrived in Porto Alegre this Wednesday (8), by FAB plane. The purifiers are being installed and put into operation by Civil Defense. According to the influencer, 1.5 million liters of water can be purified per day.

On his profile on X, Felipe Neto reported to donors and defended himself from criticism. He also stated that he will sue anyone who accuses him of using donations improperly, with a focus on reversing the compensation amounts for more social actions.

“To the idiots spreading the word that I lied about the value of the purifiers: each one was R$ 18 thousand; + 2 thousand per line filter; + 2 thousand per maintenance kit; total R$ 22 thousand per unit. If anyone feels they can do better, shut up and do it!

To date, 100 deaths have been confirmed as a result of the floods in Rio Grande do Sul and 130 people are missing. The number of homeless people exceeds 67 thousand homeless people and the number of homeless people is around 163 thousand. Many of these people are without water or electricity.

Source: Folha

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