Sabrina Sato pays tribute to Duda Nagle on her birthday: ‘Long live daddy’


Presenter Sabrina Sato, 45, paid tribute to Duda Nagle, ex-husband and father of Zoe, 5, on his birthday. This Friday (17), the actor celebrates his 41st birthday. Since the couple’s separation in March 2023, Sabrina has avoided talking about Duda, although they both apparently remain friends.

“Long live dad, Duda Nagle. Long live! All the happiness in the world to Zozo’s father. I’m always here for you, Duda. May God give you lots of health and strength to continue achieving even more,” she wrote in a video funny daughter talking about her father.

Duda and Sabrina live different moments, especially in love. In April, Duda announced that his romance with real estate agent Michele Balsamão had come to an end. Both had been together for two months, and she was the actor’s girlfriend after his relationship with Sabrina.

“It is with sadness that we announce the end of our relationship. Michele and I have decided to end our relationship,” he said in a post on social media.

Sabrina started dating actor Nicolas Prattes, 27, in February. In an interview with F5the following month, Prattes revealed that his great desire was to be a father and that, in ten years, he would like to make that dream come true and be married.

Source: Folha

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