The Reds enjoyed their prize at the start of today’s episode with moments of relaxation, watersports… and plenty of food.

The Reds did not manage to stay on the “banana” with George commenting humorously on their fall into the water.

Giorgos’ comment about Christoforos, who seems to have eaten a little too much according to Giorgos Lianos, caused laughter.

Afterwards, Dora hastened to comment on yesterday’s incident where in the end she did not participate in the prize of the Red team, with her not being able to hold back her tears after Katerina Dalaka’s words.

With tremendous self-sacrifice, Ogendai gave victory – immunity to Blue, however, he was injured and left with the help of others.

The second candidate for this week from the Red team was Christoforos after the second council of the island.

Dora commented on the candidacy of Christoforos in response to Giulekas after he mentioned Katerina Dalaka’s vote.

After the words of Dora and Giulekas, Christoforos took the “baton” stating, among other things, that he never asked for mercy from anyone in the votes.