Tirullipa is ordered to pay R$25,000 for downloading guest swimwear at GKay’s Farofa


Anahi Martinho

Tirullipa was sentenced this Tuesday (21) to pay R$25,000 in compensation for moral damages to drag queen Halessia. The influencer accuses the comedian of undressing her at GKay’s Farofa, in December 2022.

Judge Rodrigo Ramos, from the 1st Civil Court of the TJSP, sentenced the comedian in the first instance after finding that he was a “defendant in default”, which means that Tirullipa’s defense did not speak out within the deadline. There is still an appeal against the sentence.

Halessia claims that her swim trunks were pulled off and her genitals were exposed during a “Gugu bathtub” game that took place at the party. The scavenger hunt consists of placing two or more participants in a tub of cloudy water and whoever is quickest in grabbing the soap wins.

Tirullipa, who was leading the activity, pulled bikinis and swim trunks from several participants. Videos and photos were shared in droves on social media at the time, even by the comedian himself. After the negative repercussion of the case, Tirullipa was expelled from the party and apologized “for the joke” on social media.

“By default, it is presumed that the defendant, in fact, lowered the author’s swim trunks, without the latter’s consent, during the execution of a game and while the author was immobilized, exposing his genitals to those present at the scene and to a wide audience remotely, as the event was broadcast on television channels and streaming platforms”, wrote the judge.

Halessia’s lawyer, Ágatha Nogueira, told the F5 which considers the value of the compensation unsatisfactory. The initial request was R$50,000.

“The objective of compensation for moral damage is for the defendant to understand the seriousness of what he did, become aware and not commit the same acts again. [Tirullipa] He has more than six active companies, he just opened a circus, R$25 thousand for him is nothing. It has to be a value that reprimands the defendant”, said the lawyer.

Ágatha and her partner, lawyer André Furegate, also tried to propose a conversation with Tirullipa’s defense to try to reach an agreement, but there was no interest from the opposing party in talking.


Halessia called her lawyer while she was still at Farofa da GKay, moments after the incident, asking for guidance on how to proceed with the police report. “He was very destabilized and nervous,” says the lawyer. “Furthermore, Farofa, even though it is a party, is for him a networking space with other influencers and internet personalities,” she says.

According to her, the fact that her client is a drag queen further adds to the aggravation of the situation of having her body exposed without consent. “He was at the event the whole time as Halessia, so besides the embarrassment of having his swim trunks pulled down, it exposed him in a lot of other ways,” she says.

Asked whether criminal action for harassment would be appropriate, Halessia’s defense stated that Tirullipa’s attitude against her client “did not give rise to criminal charges”. “And we know that in practice there would be no effective result in fighting for this,” she says.

The lawyer also states that she believes that the defense’s failure to act was a strategy to prolong the action and let the case “fall into oblivion”.

“They asked for an extension of the deadline several times, saying they were going to present a defense and they didn’t. I believe they preferred to let the dust settle. Last year there wasn’t even Farofa from GKay, so there was no more talk about it. He has regularly appeared on TV to publicize his circus. He gained this time to change his image”, he says.


When contacted via the press office to comment on the conviction, Tirullipa did not comment. The comedian also faces two lawsuits for sexual harassment relating to the same episode.

Source: Folha

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