Luana Piovani criticizes Neymar and laments her children’s adoration for the player: ‘Is this an idol?’


Luana Piovani once again criticized striker Neymar this Tuesday (28). The actress disapproved of the position of the football player who was in favor of the privatization of Brazilian beaches. “My dream is for my children to forget Neymar, imagine if this is an idol?”, she said when commenting on the subject.

It is not the first time that Piovani has made it clear that she does not like her ex-husband’s friend Pedro Scooby and considers him a bad example for her three children – Dom (12 years old) and the twins, Bem and Liz (8 years old). She had already criticized Neymar and his father for trying to help Daniel Alves financially before he was convicted of sexual abuse against a young woman in a nightclub in Spain at the end of 2022.

Despite the four and a half year sentence, the former full-back was released from prison at the end of March, after paying bail of almost R$5.5 million to the Spanish Court. He was detained for fourteen months in Barcelona.

Luana also criticized Neymar after he apologized to Bruna Biancardi for cheating when she was pregnant with their daughter, Mavie.

She now criticized Neymar by reposting a post by actress Laila Zaid about the possible privatization of Brazilian beaches. The player made a video in favor of the idea.

The debate on the privatization of beaches returned to the Senate this week and predicts that municipalities, states and even private owners could take part of Brazil’s coastline, currently the responsibility of the Navy. The PEC (Proposed Amendment to the Constitution) was already approved two years ago by deputies, and had been stuck in the Constitution and Justice Commission (CCJ) since August 2023.

Source: Folha

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