Fire hits Lúcia Veríssimo’s farm and actress is attended to by firefighters

Fire hits Lúcia Veríssimo’s farm and actress is attended to by firefighters

Actress Lúcia Veríssimo reported that a large fire hit her farm in Minas Gerais. According to her, the fire was caused by a cigarette butt thrown into the dry forest by a group that invaded the property.

This Sunday (16) on social media, she shared a video with photos and records of what happened. She explains that 45% of the farm’s area is forest and that hunting and fishing are prohibited from entering the area. “My farm has been burning since early morning,” she says in the recording.

Veríssimo was attended to by the Juiz de Fora Fire Department, which, according to her, took three hours to reach the farm town, which does not have local firefighters.

Lúcia Veríssimo Farm, in Minas Gerais, had half of the area burned by fire; montage shows recording before and during the fire – @lverissimo on Instagram

“We are going into the night to try to secure the forest, because the rest of the entire farm has already been taken [pelo incêndio]. All the pastures, all the horses, going into drought… I don’t know how I’m going to feed these animals”, he reports in the video.

Veríssimo claims to have received medical attention due to exposure to smoke and heat. “I was on oxygen, my esophagus is all bruised,” he says.

Video footage shows tall flames consuming trees and ash falling from the sky. There is also a photo of the actress and her employee receiving oxygen.

“I’m saying this to make everyone aware of the irresponsibility of people, who not only invade your home, but also throw cigarette butts in a drought, knowing what will happen”, he warns.

She thanks the firefighters of Juiz de Fora. “I don’t know what would have happened to the farm and to me if they hadn’t come. My house is inside the forest. Half the farm is burned,” says the actress.

Veríssimo reinforced the request for more responsibility. “Everyone makes this appeal during the dry season: don’t release balloons, don’t throw trash in the streets, much less cigarette butts. Drought causes fire to take over everything.”

Source: Folha

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