Big Brother Live: The game of truth (Vid + ​​pics)


How ready are roommates to tell the truth or face the truth of others? This is what he wants to find out BIG BROTHER with the new game that invites them to play, tonight live at 22.00. A roommate is asked to answer questions posed by the other occupants of the house without knowing the identity of the person asking each question. Big revelations and unexpected reactions come to the fore.

THE Grigoris Gountaras and Natalie Kakkava together with Aphrodite Grammeli The studio welcomes two personalities who left a strong imprint on the program, Stefanos Milatos and Isidoros Dounis.

The surprises and upheavals at home do not stop. BIG BROTHER sends his roommates on a treasure hunt and the winner will win the key to the chest that hides a coveted gift!

THE Nikos, Anna, Evdokia, Kostas and Nasos are the five candidates to resign. Who will be the one who will say goodbye to his roommates at the end of the night? Immediately after leaving o BIG BROTHER asks the people in the house to vote live for the first candidate to leave for next week.

Watch the trailer:

Share your truth.

Big Brother is – always- watching you!

BIG BROTHER new episode daily Monday-Thursday and BIG BROTHER LIVE Friday at 22.00



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