Pitty says she has a ‘non-practicing monogamous relationship’ with her husband

Pitty says she has a ‘non-practicing monogamous relationship’ with her husband

Singer and songwriter Pitty, 44, aroused the curiosity of netizens with the caption of a photo shared on Instagram, In the photo she appears next to her husband, musician Daniel Weksler, 36, from the band NX Zero, implying that they live an open relationship.

“Non-practicing monogamous bloc (or would it be non-practicing non-monogamists?)”, wrote the singer in the caption of the photo, which was liked by famous and anonymous. More daring netizens offered to make a trisal with the couple – relationship between three people.

“Can I be the third person in this relationship?” one woman asked. Another netizen wrote: “So I want to get both.” A follower offered to improve the couple’s nights and days: “Call me to help improve the nights! (the days too).”

“I’ve never wanted to be a couple’s lunch box so much. Literally my teenage crushes”, commented one woman. A user of the social network asked Pitty: “Can I borrow some, then, Pitty?”

The singer and musician started living together in 2008 and two years later got married – she wore a red lace dress to the ceremony because she has an aversion to white. They are the parents of Madalena, 5.

In January of this year, the singer released EP “Casulo”, from her own music label, baptized with the same name, and in a documentary that shows the backstage of the recording. The name of the EP and label was inspired by the “Musical Cocoon” board, which Pitty kept on his channel on the Twitch platform, in 2021.

In the program, she received guest artists, live, and collectively created new songs with them, which were gathered in the EP. “The creation process was so different, free, out of the ordinary, for me and for the general who participated”, said the artist at the time in an interview with F5by email.

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