Maraisa talks about missing Marília Mendonça: ‘She conquered eternity’


The singer Maraisa, 33, from the duo with Maiara, used her social networks this Saturday morning (13) to talk about the longing and grief she feels after the death of her friend Marília Mendonça, on the last 5th, at 26 years old, in an air accident in the interior of Minas.

“Marília Mendonça is the sister that life has given us, as we are honored to have shared so many moments together. There are some things that are at such a high level of gratitude that tears cannot touch,” said the singer, who also posted the audience of her show in the city of Apucarana, in Paraná, singing “De Quem é a Culpa”, by Marília.

“You made everyone question about the good use of time. And speaking of time, you’ve conquered eternity, you’re on the national and international charts, on urban art walls in the streets, on panels around the world, on T-shirts, tattoos , letters, posts, repertoires, in prayers and will be forever in our hearts.”

Maraisa concluded by stating that wherever Maiara and Maraisa are, there will also be Marília Mendonça. Together the three recently announced the project As Patroas, which would go on tour next year. The producer Junior Campi has already stated that the intention is to keep the schedule, even as a way to pay homage to the singer.

“Maiara and Maraisa, God will bless us and give us strength to take the Patroas project forward and for her to look down from above and be proud of what was being the greatest achievement of her life,” he said earlier this week. The singers’ advisors, however, did not confirm whether the project will be maintained.

Known as the queen of suffering, Marília Mendonça was one of five victims of a plane accident that fell into a mountain range in Piedade de Caratinga, 309 kilometers from Belo Horizonte. The artist had a concert scheduled for the date in Caratinga, about ten kilometers from the accident site.


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