Coronavirus: “Bells” 122,900 euros for violation of measures and “padlock” in 9 companies |


A total of 80,014 inspections were carried out yesterday by the competent audit services (EL.AS, Coast Guard, EAD, DIMEA, SEPE, Regions and Municipal Police) and recorded 391 cases of violation of epidemiological alarm measures. A total of 122,900 euros in fines were imposed, while 9 companies were forced to suspend their operations from 15 to 30 days.

According to the National Transparency Authority, the main violations concerned non-use of a mask indoors / non-observance of distances, non-posting in document or digital way of the maximum number of people allowed inside the store and the rules of operation of the store, customer service inside restaurant and entertainment venues without having a vaccination or disease certificate from covid 19, non-completion of the electronic PLF (Passenger Locator Form) by travelers.

According to the relevant announcement, “the controls continue throughout the territory with the main aim of ensuring the implementation of the special operating conditions of the companies and focusing on the areas of high commercial interest.

At the same time, the controls are in progress regarding the implementation of the measures for the compulsory vaccination in health structures and welfare structures, in addition, intensive controls are carried out for the possession and verification of the vaccination / disease / diagnostic certificates “.


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