Britney Spears’ lawyer wants investigation of the singer’s father after guardianship


Britney Spears, 39, and her fans are celebrating the end of the guardianship she has been subjected to for the past 13 years. But the controversies surrounding the case are unlikely to end any time soon. That’s because the singer’s lawyer wants an investigation against the artist’s father.

According to The New York Times, attorney Mathew Rosengart argues that Jaime Spears, 69,’s sudden desire to end the trusteeship after years of defending his need is linked to the hope that he could avoid that investigation.

Britney herself reported some of the alleged abuses during a hearing in June, claiming she was drugged, forced to work and prevented from removing her IUD. She asked, at the time, that people linked to her guardianship be investigated, including her father.

Since then, other reports have also pointed to abuses that were allegedly authorized by Jaime Spears. The New York Times documentary “Controlling Britney Spears” even pointed to irregular recordings of the singer’s calls and the interior of her bedroom.

With that, Rosengart wants an investigation of the management made by the singer’s father and by the company indicated by the Justice at the time to help him, Tri Star Sports & Entertainment Group. In the most recent files, Jaime Spears’ lawyers say he “has nothing to hide”.

They added that they “support a thorough and transparent review of guardianship and are confident that this review will end the bizarre, gross and irresponsible speculation that has accompanied the media circus surrounding these proceedings.”

According to the New York Times, Tri Star’s lawyers also denied that the company’s employees had any control over the singer’s medical treatment or security protocols, including covert electronic surveillance.


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