Liniker declares love and support for Linn after presentation with Luísa Sonza


Liniker’s special participation in Luísa Sonza’s show during the Big Brother Brasil 22 (Globo) party this Saturday (12) caused commotion inside and outside the reality house. Longtime friends, Linn was thrilled to see the singer and friend enter the stage.

Liniker spoke about the moment on his Instagram profile on Sunday night (13). “You know that my love and history with Lina is not new today. We are both very different in many ways, but we have love for each other as a common point”, began the text, which was published along with the video of the presentation. .

“Lina has opened doors and windows for me since 2014, the year we met and she literally opened the door to the house where we would live together in the future in our formation of actresses, atrocious, explorers of the stone jungle in the midst of scarcity and lack of so many things, that little we knew, that one hour would change.”

She also took the opportunity to thank Luísa Sonza for her collaboration, which enabled her first interaction with the program and the opportunity to show her work to millions of viewers.

“Yesterday I sang for my champion without having to say in words what she is in my life, and what she has done for the history of Brazil. I sang bathed in gold for a jewel, a seed, a mermaid, which is the great love of my life”, he said, emphasizing who his fans go to “from before, to the end and start over”.

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