The 9 Greek islands that are ideal to visit in Spring

The 9 Greek islands that are ideal to visit in Spring

Many are those who have combined the islands only with summer. If you’re one of them, it ‘s probably time to change your mind. Most Greek islands are ideal for all seasons as they combine mountain, sea and wonderful food!

Do not forget that one of the positives of traveling in Spring, is that you can get to know the authenticity of a place, away from the crowds of summer. At the same time you can find very affordable prices, both in accommodation and in catering.

Here you will see some of our favorite Greek islands, to travel now that Spring has arrived for good.


One of the most picturesque and atmospheric islands of the Saronic Gulf, ideal even for a weekend. The high-rise mansions, some of which are visitable, will impress you. The port is the heart of the island and essentially the only settlement. Around it and in the back alleys you will find beautiful cafes and restaurants and with Chora as a base you can take various nice walks.


The neoclassical charm of Chora, the tiny coves, the pine-covered slopes and of course the easy access from Athens are the strong advantages of Poros. You can combine the visit to Poros with excursions on the opposite coast of the Peloponnese, with the famous Lemon Forest and the Archaeological Site of Troizina.


Corfu welcomes spring dynamically, with a Venetian aura. A historic city-jewel but also dozens of traditional villages, beautiful beaches with crystal clear waters on a green background, is a separate chapter of Greek and international tourism.


Ideal destination if you want to avoid traveling by boat, since Lefkada is connected to the mainland by a floating bridge. The city of Lefkada, with the Castle of Agia Mavra, the marina, the colored houses and the churches will give you the first positive impression. But do not forget to visit the mountain villages, such as Karya, Exanthia and Englouvi.


Chania is one of the most beautiful cities in Greece. It would be called a mosaic of culture, tastes, history, mountain and coastal landscape. And because summer is very difficult to enjoy the city as it “sinks” from the crowd of tourists, Spring is the best time for a city break!


Just two hours from Rafina, is Andros, an island that has been adored by both Greeks and many Europeans taking into account the many holiday homes they have bought there.


Tinos hides dozens of villages to visit if you are a lover of architectural experiences, interesting archeological sites and a semi-mountainous landscape if you like hiking. If you add to these the new arrivals in accommodation, catering and evening entertainment, you have every reason to visit it this Spring.


Syros has color, a lot of color, and what will catch your eye is the fact that it is a whole open-air museum, full of imposing mansions of the 19th century. It has museums enough to satisfy even the most demanding lover of sightseeing. And finally it has some of the most special routes, bathed in the light of the sunset, and of course one of the best cuisines of the Cyclades.


It is no coincidence that Santorini is one of the top travel destinations in the Mediterranean and spring is undoubtedly the ideal time to visit it. Breathtaking scenery, cosmopolitan atmosphere, unique local products, are just some of the reasons that will make you want to visit immediately.

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