And yet, a dehumidifier may be the secret to hydrated skin


When you think about your daily grooming routine, the evening is usually a time of enjoyment. You can take more time (maybe even do a massage with your gua sha) and apply your favorite products. Also, the evening is the time when we use the richest and most active products, leaving them to act undisturbed.

Theoretically, after you complete your treatment, you fall asleep and the products work tirelessly until the morning. However, there is something that can reduce the effectiveness of your evening care. And this is the air quality in your room. As unexpected as it sounds, if the air in your bedroom is very dry, it can “pull” moisture from your skin.

Thus, all the work of your favorite products is lost. Fortunately, there is a solution. And it is none other than the dehumidifier. And yet, sleeping with a dehumidifier in the bedroom can benefit the skin by helping to keep its moisture barrier intact. So, you will wake up every morning with well hydrated and glowing skin!

How does the dehumidifier work?

A dehumidifier works by releasing water vapor into the air to increase the overall humidity level in the room. This is especially useful in the winter months, when the air is usually drier. At the same time, in summer, it returns to the air the moisture that is removed from the air conditioner.

How can your skin help?

Our skin can maintain its moisture levels more effectively in a humid environment while it can also absorb extra moisture from the air. Essentially, sleeping with a dehumidifier maintains skin moisture levels throughout the night. Moisture is necessary for the proper functioning of the upper layer of the skin, the stratum corneum. Without a moist top layer, the skin barrier is weakened. Also, when the skin is dehydrated, it is more prone to rashes and eczema. Still, it is less elastic and has an increased chance of skin infections. In this context, a dehumidifier can help prevent all of the above, providing the moisture that your skin so desperately needs.

Who Can Get The Most Benefits Of Sleeping With A Dehumidifier?

You will not be surprised to read that those who have dry, dehydrated, dull or itchy skin will benefit more from sleeping with a dehumidifier, as they need all the extra hydration they can get.

However, those who are prone to acne or pimples will also notice an improvement in their skin. As the dehumidifier moisturizes the skin, the oils flow more naturally out of the pores instead of being trapped inside, causing acne. Also, just staying in an environment without humidity is enough to increase the production of sebum in the skin, as it tries to compensate for the dryness of the environment. This, in turn, can make acne worse.

Thus, sleeping with a dehumidifier prevents all this frustrating vicious cycle. Also, sleeping with a dehumidifier is especially beneficial for those who live in drier climates and places that are cold most of the year.

But it’s equally important for those who live in hot places where they need air conditioning at bedtime. A general rule is this. If the humidity levels in your room do not exceed 60%, you can benefit from sleep with a dehumidifier. So if you are ready to improve the air in your room and home by investing in a dehumidifier, see our favorites below.

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