Flicky bobs: The spring trend in hair and how you will manage the hairstyle yourself


Flicky bobs: The trend comes from the 50’s and 60’s. Its aesthetics are reminiscent of that flattering period, when the female entity and beauty came to the surface again, fashion reached its peak and most coins were given to the Jukebox to play favorite songs of the time.

These decades are a milestone for fashion and it is no coincidence that every time we look back at a classic and chic trend we bring back a trend of that era.

Its strange name comes from the strange finish of the hairstyle. The ends of the hair have an outward call, thus escaping from the face. It stands out for its minimalist mood, as it is a simple hairstyle, applied on straight hair.

Tips for flicky bobs at home

As we mentioned it is a minimal hairstyle, quite easy and simplistic. If your natural hair is wavy or curly you will need to straighten it. If your natural hair is straight again then you can skip this step. Then use a hair straightening brush.

Ideally, he preferred a ceramic one as it facilitates the flow of heat coming out of the dryer. In terms of size it depends on the length and density of your hair. If you have long and “heavy” hair, be sure to use a large brush. Without stress, start “breaking” your wrist outwards as you reach the ends of your hair.

The movement must be directed upwards, ie the edges must acquire the opposite direction. You can easily, quickly and without professional equipment get a chic hairstyle at home, but you will look like you went to a hairdresser.

Now you have learned the secret to hair goals and if you are sometimes bored of doing it at home, you now know that you will ask your @ hairstylist for it, without having to show photos.

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