Farm 13: Liziane Gutierrez arrested in US after festival riot

Farm 13: Liziane Gutierrez arrested in US after festival riot

Model Liziane Gutierrez, 35, first eliminated from the 13th edition of the reality show A Fazenda (Record) was detained in Los Angeles, California, in the United States, after getting involved in a mess at an event, according to her press office.

Gutierrez was at a festival last Sunday (14) and got involved in a shoving fight, his team says. “They invaded the area where all the influencers were, and she had already been drinking. At one point, the security guard pushed her and she pushed the security guard.”

After the incident, the model was detained in a police car and never went to the police station. The office said she had a period of one hour for her lawyers to arrive at the scene and resolve the situation. “The lawyer arrived on time and she was released”, concludes the press office.

On the influencer’s social media, the team communicated to fans and followers that she was solving “legal issues” in the United States, so she would be away from the networks for a short period of time.

“Liziane will be absent in a short period from the networks for personal reasons”, says the note. “At the moment, the model is solving legal problems in the United States and, soon, everything will be clarified”, completes the text published on Twitter.

In July this year, a video posted on social media showed the model and influencer angry with the action of the state government’s task force, which ended with a party in Jardim América (western part of the city of São Paulo).

At the event, agents caught more than 486 people, most without masks, consuming food and drink, smoking cigarettes and listening to live music with the country duo Matheus and Kauan. Four people identified as responsible for the event were fined for violating preventive sanitary measures.

In the record, she appeared screaming and cursing police officers who carried out the operation and also launching accusations against Congressman Alexandre Frota (PSDB), who shared the recording on Twitter, and has followed the blitzes that have Sanitary Surveillance, Civil and Military Police and Procon .

“You guys are shits, you know why? Alexandre Frota harassed everyone on this p.”, said Liziane, in an excerpt of the video. “He’s going to take care of whoever roasts. He’s going to the favela, c. He’s going to pick up in the favela,” continued the model.

On Instagram, she later admitted to having been wrong. “I’m sincere, I always have been and I always will be. I’m bad about this situation for having gone wrong and for having videos out of context. Today [segunda-feira, 12], at 7pm, I’ll do a live and we’ll talk, let me explain, then you’ll criticize me,” he declared at the time.


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