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How some changes in daily life will help you deal with stress


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Its symptoms are the same in everyone, with perhaps some exceptions, who react differently. However, tachycardia, sweaty palms, tachycardia and tightness in the stomach and body are not easily avoided.

However, there are different ways of dealing with it, which are related to our habits and hobbies. There are usually three categories, although this is not absolute.

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The first category of people are those who, when stressed, get Tsitsipas out of them. They run, they play tennis, they go to basketball, they play table tennis and all that, they do all these sports and sometimes even the most extreme ones.

The second category of people are the most zen. They take a hot bath, go to bed early, drink plenty of water and liters of matcha tea, do yoga and eat healthy.

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And there is the third category, which does none of the above, even does the opposite. These people eat whatever they can find in front of them – I have eaten shrimp with ice cream -, go for cocktails, smoke, order and generally do whatever they can unhealthily, to fill their bodies with toxins and balance their mental stress.

No matter how much one decompresses, we have no choice. The point is to throw it out a little, to make sure it goes well, and to forget, even for a while, all that stresses him.

The problem is, stress is part of your daily routine and you need to learn to manage it in ways that, in the long run, will benefit you more than harm you. That is, if every night you turn cheetah into stress and nerves and belong to the third category, then very soon you will have to face extra problems, which will have to do with your health.

But why do we need all these unhealthy things when we are stressed?

Many studies show that when we are stressed, our brain produces a substance called neuropeptide Y – it is the substance that responds to the feeling of stress – which makes us want to eat something sweet or fatty.

As soon as we consume these foods, we immediately feel satisfaction, which in the language of neurobiologists means that all the cells that have to do with pleasure and that cover the feeling of discomfort, which causes us stress, have been activated.

In other words, it is purely a matter of chemistry. You are not to blame for anything, your brain is just playing insidious games. It’s like saying, “Are you anxious?” “Eat a pizza, drink a beer, do something that pleases you”. Of course in the other categories it says “Take ten bends, or do the monkey posture” but this is irrelevant and should not bother you.

In general, stress is a condition that will have a negative effect on your body in the long run. However, if this is combined with a wrong treatment, then it means that you will reach them much faster.

So, what should concern you, is how you will teach your brain to react like this and give the right, healthy commands.

Your new daily life

Of course, there are endless ways to learn to manage your stress. However, whoever you choose, you should put it in your life for good. And the only way to achieve this is to stick to it until you get used to it and it becomes a routine.

If, for example, you decide to run for half an hour every afternoon, you will have to stick to it. Until it becomes a habit, and when you feel the stress drowning you, mechanically decide to go for a run.

A basic principle in this, is to find something that will really please you and will decompress you. It does not have to be yoga or tennis or any kind of exercise in general. Many people find joy in the most incredible things.

The important thing is to replace the quick and easy satisfaction that gives you ready-made food, drink and generally all these harmful habits, but this does not mean that you will cut them off forever.

No, we certainly do not mean that. What we suggest is to stop using them on a daily basis, to relieve your stress.

After all, the satisfaction of “zavolia” is greater when it is not done daily.

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