Gracyanne Barbosa says this is a remarkable Carnival and denies special diet


One of Sapucaí’s most popular drum queens, Gracyanne Barbosa did not cross the avenue at this year’s Carnival. “I’m not going to parade, I’m queen in Camarote Rio Praia for the fifth year and I’m enjoying it a lot, grateful that we’re back”, explained the wife of singer Belo.

She says that this is a very different year from the others. “It has been a Carnival for us to value even more the fact that we can be together, being able to hug, to be able to kiss”, she celebrates. “It’s been very remarkable, I’m happy to be able to return even on a different date. I think we have to raise our hands to the sky and thank you.”

Known for her sculpted body with a lot of workout and a regular diet, she says she didn’t let the pandemic take her focus (contrary to what happened with a good part of the population).

“For me, in the pandemic it was even easier”, he guarantees. “Before I had a very busy schedule, I was always traveling, so I had to be carrying a lunch box”. “At home it’s much easier, you can eat much better,” she says. “I managed to take care of myself even more than working.”

Gracyanne also said that she doesn’t change anything in her daily life specifically for Carnival. “I have no preparation, even if I were on the run I wouldn’t change my diet and training routine,” she says. “What happens is that there are rehearsals and we end up losing more weight because of it.”

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