Scarlett Johansson inspires those who choose short hair


Every time Scarlett Johansson attends an event, she stirs the eyes and flashes of the photographers, while her hairstyle is almost never left unattended.

What is certain is that before we get used to it with a specific hair look, it changes again. Length, color, hairstyle. An unexpected change was when she decided to cut her hair very short, almost shaved.

You can be “team short hair” even if you are not a fan of Scarlett Johansson (although it is a bit unlikely). However a little inspiration never hurt anyone. Apart from being a multi-talented celebrity, she could very well be an influencer for short hair. Besides, he has loved this hair length and has adopted it for several years. Always believing that it gives dynamism and highlights the features of each face, Scarlett could be an “encyclopedia” on how to create the most modern hairstyle for short hair. We searched and found some of her looks and we present to you step by step the way to adopt them.

How to make her short haircut

Famous hairdresser Dom Seeley gives an informative answer to, saying that “when Scarlett Johansson’s hair is close, the side and the back do not have the same length”, that is, they look as if they are not connected. It is a technique that gives the whole haircut an elegance and femininity. The hair looks soft and carefree. It is the ideal way to highlight the sharp corners of your face, without overemphasizing your cheekbones. Dom Seeley also believes that by leaving the length of the hair at the top of the head longer, we get a youthful haircut, just like Scarlett.

We should also avoid cutting the tufts that hug the front of our face too tightly and squarely. On the contrary, the movements with the scissors should be smoother, in order to have a natural result. Extra tip: If you want to keep this haircut fresh, visit your hairstylist in about 6 to 8 weeks later.

You have the short haircut and you lack the blonde color

Seeley has the solution to this as well. According to the hairstylist and color expert, you will need to do various highlights, mainly quite bright, while the root will be good to remain in calm tones. The overall result will take off your short hairstyle in the best possible way. It is true that the right choice of color complements the haircut, so we would say that they are interrelated.

It’s time for styling

For the end, we left the most fun step, the one that will give “character” to your hairstyle. If you want a quick, easy and impressive styling then you are welcome until the end. The truth is that how we will comb and what materials we will use to give shape and create a nice look is the alpha and omega. Short hair is a demanding haircut, so how you comb your hair is the key. Because we need the expert’s opinion and knowledge, we refer to Seeley’s statements on

He emphasizes that short hair is quite demanding for styling for this and a good preparation should be done with a professional shampoo and then an emollient cream. This creates a perfect base for many looks like a carefree one for which you will need a brush and a hair dryer or a sleek one where you will inevitably need a pomade or a gel.

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