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Everything you need to know about the foam roller


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The foam roller is the new must have in the world of gymnastics and beyond. In the last decade it has become the ultimate tool in the hands of coaches, peronail trainers, physiotherapists, yoga instactors, and even chiropractors.

The foam rolling, is a foam cylindrical instrument with a bas-relief usually. It is made of foam or EVA type foam and with a specific thermal process, it is converted into a rigid material, which maintains a relative elasticity on its surface.

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As simple as it may seem, this roller is a multi-tool. Its main use is stretching. Scrolling on the roller, helps the muscles to stretch, that is, to stretch, and to become more elastic.

More specifically, by rolling on this instrument, pressure is exerted on specific parts of the body – the so-called trigger points – and has the effect of relieving the muscles from grips. The “knots” are loosened, the blood circulation is improved and the muscle pains, due to fatigue or injury, disappear.

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Also, reduces the tension and tightness of the body and helps to relax itwhile stimulating its movement and elasticity and stimulating the nervous system. In simple words, the foam roller is a mobile massage.

Used both in warm-up of athletes, as well as in recoverywhile it is equally useful in the treatment of injuries. For example, it is used to treat fractures, neck and back pain, muscle spasms in the legs and calves, as well as back pain and tendonitis.

How to use it
There are many ways to use the foam roller. It depends on what you want to achieve each time.

You can use it at the beginning of the workout, as a warm-up exercise. Ten minutes of targeted rolling on specific muscle groups is what it takes to “warm up” your body.

Instead, you can use it as a cure, as a relaxation of your muscles and body, after strenuous exercise. In this way, Cramps, cramps and muscle aches are prevented.

However, the secret of success in both cases is consistency. The ideal periodicity is two to three times a week, for about ten minutes. With this frequency, experts say that it is certain that you will see a great improvement in your physical condition in just a few weeks.

Types of foam roller
There are several types of roller skates that you can choose from, depending on your body type and where you want to focus. The key point is how wide or narrow it is and it depends on the muscle groups you will be working on.

The usual rollers available are those of 30cm, 45cm and 90cm. Small and medium lengths are mostly used on legs, arms, shoulders and back. That is, they are ideal for small muscle groups, while the larger ones do for the whole body.

Beginner’s guide
I start with 30 second rolls.

Start with the feet first and specifically from your shins, continue with your thighs and buttocks.

Proceed to your back, shoulders and neck.

Insist more on areas where you feel pulling, grip and pain and avoid the waist area. The duration in these areas can be five to ten minutes at most.

Complete the program with extra stretches.

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