Tourist season: Optimism that it will approach the “golden” year of 2019


Reasonable expectations for a tourist season able to approach the “Golden” year of Greek tourismthat of 2019, when revenues and arrivals moved to record levels, express the Athenian Macedonian News Agency Greek tourism operators. It is recalled that tourism in 2021 contributed to the Greek economy 10.5 billion euros, while in 2019 travel revenues amounted to 18.17 billion euros from 16 billion euros in 2018. Speaking to – the Deputy Minister of Tourism Sofia Zacharaki gives the stigma of latest aviation data of the period from overseas markets, which are extremely positive. Of course, he points out that at the end of 2022, the fund for Greek tourism will be created.

The airlines double or triple the planned seats for Greece

Specifically, he emphasizes that “the data from the planning of airline seats for the current tourist season, from most countries, show that the majority of airlines double or triple the scheduled seats for Greece”. However, it remains to be seen with what fullness they will eventually come these flights to Greece, according to the Undersecretary. However, the precursors of air traffic during the Easter period showed very encouraging data on how incoming tourism will move in 2022, he added.

Regarding the travel movement from Europe, the Undersecretary spoke about very positive elements from Great Britain, France (“the French vote for Greece this year and we are the number one destination with companies that double the positions for Greece” ), Italy, Spain, Cyprus, Israel, the Nordic countries and the Balkans.

Against the background of the ongoing war in Ukraine and the anxiety about how road tourism will move from the Balkan countries, Ms. Zacharaki emphasizes that the Ministry of Tourism will be “present” in important markets for Greece such as Romania, Serbia, Bulgaria claiming to be the first destination for them this summer.

“This year we will not only overcome the crisis but we will also exceed expectations.”

Ms. Zacharaki in a quick review of last year after reminding that despite the pandemic and the D mutation, Greek tourism moved very well, this year with the obvious willingness of people who want to travel to Greece, says the following: “this year will not “We will not only overcome the crisis but we will also exceed expectations.” With a focus on domestic tourism, Ms. Zacharaki reminds that this year there will be a program of social tourism by the Ministry of Labor, while the Ministry of Tourism will further strengthen the program “Tourism for All”.

And Athens is betting on a big increase in arrivals

Meanwhile, Athens this year is betting on a significant increase in tourist traffic compared to 2021, with the regional governor George Pattoulis noting in the APE-MPE the encouraging messages that are recorded creating an optimism for the development of the tourist season of 2022. Already, as says, from the markets of England, Germany and Scandinavia there will be a huge increase. At the same time, more than 3,000 visitors from America arrive in Athens every week, with direct flights, which have been launched, from New York, Chicago, Boston, etc. In fact, the region is already running campaigns that connect Attica and the island destinations included in the region and the goal is not only to increase the number of visitors to the capital but also to increase their days in Athens, with all that this implies for the tourist income, explains Mr. Patoulis.

An unprecedented positive year awaits the yacht industry this year

Tourism is not only air and road arrivals, it is also maritime tourism. In fact, the yachting industry and its representatives estimate in APE-MPE that 2022 will be an unprecedented positive year, despite the energy crisis that has affected the fuel. Specifically, Antonis Stelliatos, president of the Hellenic Tourist Boat Owners Association (EPEST) emphasizes that sailing boats and catamarans are not affected by fuel. At the same time, the reservations for the big yachts are on standby, because of the war. In any case, based on the above, Mr. Steliatos says the following: “We look forward to a year that will have no precedent.” However, the yacht industry was affected by the war in Ukraine, since, as the president of EPEST points out, all the Russian-Ukrainian charter agreements were canceled and at the same time there were some cancellations by American charterers.

Better results compared to last year aspire to achieve large hotel chains in 2022

As far as the hotel industry is concerned, as expressed by the major hotel chains, the messages are very positive. From the podium of the conference “Choose Greece 2022” the director of operations of Grecotel, Dimitris Kalaitzidakis, stated that for Grecotel the numbers are better than last year, and the goal for 2022 is to have an increase compared to 2021. He also added that its characteristic season will be the differentiation, compared to other years, of the psychology of German tourists, which creates conditions for last minute bookings.

For his part, the CEO of Mitsis Hotels Group, Stavros Mitsis, pointed out that the increased demand of international travelers for holidays, especially after February 23, for the months of April and May, is due to their great willingness to make up for the holidays they missed. in the past two years due to pandemic restrictions.

However, the president of the Panhellenic Federation of Hotel Managers (PODIX), George Pelekanakis, estimated that this year arrivals in Greece may reach 2019 levels. On the contrary, the CEO of Aldemar Resorts, Alexandros Angelopoulos, said that the 2019 and we will be lucky if we reach 80%.

Finally, the optimistic image in the field of estimates for Greek tourism in 2022 was strengthened by a recent post on Twitter by Andreas Andreadis, honorary president of the Association of Greek Tourism Enterprises, which emphasizes that after the shock of the invasion of Ukraine, demand for Greece recovers impressively. Given, he says, the loss of the Russian market, which will be covered by other markets, however, notes that tourism revenues appear close to the levels of 2019. If we succeed, it will be a great success of the country, concludes Mr. Andreadis.

The short-term lease in Greece will increase by 232% this year

In recent years, short-term leasing has flourished in Greece and every year it moves upwards. This year, in fact, the booking company on the platforms Airbnb and Vrbo AirDNA, emphasizes that Greece records an increase in demand by 232% compared to 2021. In particular, for the summer quarter June – August, demand is more than double last year. The largest increase in summer demand is recorded by Crete (306%) and the Dodecanese (302%). It is followed by Athens with an increase of 248%, the Cyclades with an increase of 233% and the Ionian with 230%. Thrace (216%), the Sporades (215%), the islands of the Northeast Aegean (188%), Epirus (157%), Thessaly (153%), the Peloponnese (135%) also show very good performances. Macedonia (132%) and Central Greece (109%). Finally, the company reminds that last year, the short-term lease in Greece managed to recover 94.4% of revenues in 2019.

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