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The “mommies” of Hollywood stars: DiCaprio, Cooper, Timberlake on the list


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They are famous, with a long career in the Mecca of the film industryhave won awards, some of them have created their own family but they always hold a special place … for their mom.

Bradley Cooper

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The protagonist of “A Star Is Born” has been described many times as a mommy. “She is a beautiful typist,” the Hollywood actor said, referring to his cohabitation with her two years after his father’s death. “We can hang out. And it can withstand problems. If this was not the case, there is no case … I do not live in a complex and she is in the hostel. No, he’s in the next room. “

Pete Davidson

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It’s official mom’s child signs People’s post! The comedian and star of “Saturday Night Live” appeared next to Amy Waters Davidson’s mother in a sketch for Mother’s Day. Despite his success, for a long time Davidson lived in the basement of the house with his mother. “I live with my mom, we bought a house together, but no one believes it,” he told Jimmy Fallon.

Justin Timberlake

Timberlake tattooed her back with her mother Lynn Beaumar’s initials. “We have a very special relationship,” the star told Rolling Stone. “She is my best friend since I realized I was myself. She is wonderful and with a lot of humor. We go out together and he is always by my side. With these characteristics you are looking for someone as good as your mother, and most of the time it is a battle that you unfortunately lose “.

Timote Salame

In the Golden Globes in 2019, Nicole Flender accompanied her son wearing both clothes designed by Louis Vuitton artistic director, Virgil Abloh. She states that she is the biggest (and first!) Admirer of Salame.

Noah Sentineo

The conqueror of the Netflix movie “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before” despite his great success he hurried to turn the spotlight on the most important woman of his life – his mom, Kellee Janel. During his first visit to “The Tonight Show”, as soon as he greeted Jimmy Fallon, he talked about his supportive mom who was in the audience. When the camera showed her, she said proudly, pointing to her son: “I did that.”

Ryan Gosling

The way the actor smiled at his mom, Donna, at the premiere of “Ides of March” in 2011 proves convincingly that she’s a mommy. The Hollywood charmer made sure that at the beginning of his relationship, his beloved Eva Mendes spent a lot of time with his mother and that same year, he was in Canada and attended her graduation ceremony from Brock University.

«I grew up with two incredible women, my mother and my sister, and of course the way I see the world was shaped through the female perspectiveSaid star Dwayne Johnson. There is no doubt that the sexiest man, according to People magazine, loves his mom, Ata. The actor shared a touching post on Instagram for Mother’s Day 2015. “Morning flight and I sit across from my mom, who says to me ‘Son, I can not believe the life I have …'” Johnson remembered. “I asked her, ‘Are you a happy mom?’ Then the flight attendant put her breakfast on the table and my mom said: “Am I happy? … I was always worried that I would find the money for our daily needs and now I have breakfast in front of me … Yes, my son, no I could be happier». Notably, in 2012 he gave his mom a huge surprise, a brand new car.

Leonardo di Caprio

The relationship with his motherIrmelin, has been a topic of discussion a few times as well has been described as “too narrow” for many. The mother is with him on vacation with his girlfriends, or on the red carpet. «“There is a person I have to thank,” said the star, receiving the BAFTA award on the day of her birthday. “I would not be standing here if it were not for this person. I did not grow up living a privileged life – I grew up in a very difficult neighborhood in East Los Angeles and this woman took me three hours a day to a separate school to offer me a different opportunity. Today is her birthday. Mom, I love you so much».

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