Rafaella Santos debuts on the catwalks at São Paulo Fashion Week


This Saturday (20), at 12pm, at the Paname Ricana house, it will be special for Rafaella Santos, 25. The influencer will make her debut on the catwalks, at São Paulo Fashion Week, at the invitation of Carlinhos Maia, 30, who will present her first collection of clothing, in partnership with Baška. Entitled “Essential”, the pieces are signed by director and stylist Dudu Farias.

Rafaella has been in other editions of SPFW, but always as a guest and spectator at the fashion shows. “I’m very happy with the invitation and I hope to honor very well this day that will be so special for Carlinhos. I’m already very anxious and with butterflies in my stomach. Fashion Week is one of the biggest and most important fashion events in Brazil and it doesn’t have any how not to be nervous at a premiere like this. But I’m sure the show will be beautiful and a success! Carlinhos and Dudu, in addition to being sweethearts, are amazing and very talented professionals,” she says.

The 52nd edition of São Paulo Fashion Week, which began on November 16th and ends this Saturday (20th), marks the return of on-site fashion shows after two seasons in a remote fashion. The hybrid event (between the schedule of 48 fashion shows, 25 in person and 23 digital) is taking place at the Pavilhão das Culturas Brasileiras, in Ibirapuera Park.

A reference for beauty, style, personality, authenticity and lifestyle, Rafaella Santos influences more than 5.5 million people on her Instagram, increasingly conquering her space in the digital universe. Its engagement on the platform is growing, its posts have a reach of more than 3 million views, have more than 1.4 million interactions (among likes, comments and shares) and more than 46 million impressions (metric that shows the number of times that a post was viewed).

In addition to her activities on the networks, Rafaella also participates in some special projects. She conceived and carried out the Live ‘Coração Pra Coração’, in support of the American NGO Missions Ministry, located in Mozambique, giving rise to Bazar da Rafa and, alongside her family, at Instituto Projeto Neymar Jr., where she is the official ambassador , fights to give better opportunities to the children and families of the Jardim Glória neighborhood, in Praia Grande, where he lived his childhood.


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