The outrageous amount that Prince Albert of Monaco pays to have Charlene by his side


A “top secret contract” is said to have been signed by Prince Albert of Monaco with his wife Charlene, according to which he will pay her 10 million pounds (about 12 million euros) a year to fulfill her royal duties.

According to French media, the 64-year-old blue-blooded man is determined to do everything in his power to have his 20-year-old princess by his side at official events, where he must give his family the “present”.

After a long period of illness that kept her away from Monaco for about a year and a series of hospitalizations and treatments in South Africa and Switzerland, Charlene has now returned to her family and to her duties. As reported by Daily Mail, Charlene’s sudden public reappearance over the weekend delighted her fans. But the princess did not return so simply, emphasizes an article in Voici magazine, explaining that the 44-year-old asked her husband to sign the highly confidential contract.

Charlene can now be bound by the terms of the contract to attend major events, such as the Monaco Grand Prix in late May and the charity Dance of the Roses.

“The Palace in Monte Carlo refuses to disclose information about financial agreements, however [είναι γνωστό πως] the principality pays about εκατο 40 million a year to cover the institution’s expenses. The members of the royal family do not receive a salary, which means that Charlene is probably relying on Albert – who is a billionaire – for her personal expenses “, writes the British newspaper. A source in Monte Carlo with an insight into the royal family’s affairs explained that, although the princess enjoys significant privileges as Albert’s wife, her cash income is not guaranteed. “She has had a very difficult time lately, so it makes sense for her to try to secure it.”

THE Charlene and Albert appeared with their twins, Princess Gabriela and Prince Jacques, at the Sainte Devote Rugby Tournament last Saturday. It was one of the few joint appearances of the “sad princess” (as some media call Charlene) and Albert in the last year.

It is recalled that since the beginning of their marriage in 2011 there have been widespread rumors of a breakup in their relationship, and reports of Albert’s illicit relationships give and take. Many, such as the French-Luxembourg journalist Stephen Byrne, have expressed the view that the palace has repeatedly used the health problems (which Charlene is facing) to “bridge” the growing gap between the couple and the crisis in their marriage.

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