Colorful Summer: Makeup with vibrant tones is a bet for the season


Vibrant colors and increasingly colorful tones are here to stay in makeup productions that promise to be the face of summer. Well-marked, flashy eyes are among the bets for the most awaited season of the year.

Kátia Araújo, artist at MAC Cosméticos Brasil, says that this trend may be a response to a heavier aesthetic, which for a long time dominated beauty tutorials on the internet. Now, despite carrying the colors, the makeup arrives with a lighter proposal and “can be used by anyone, totally democratic and inclusive”.

The colorful production sought inspiration from the fashion of the 1980s — that “without fear of excess”, in Kátia’s words. For her, the return of the trend in 2021 has meant even greater. “After a cloudy and foggy period with the pandemic, we will channel solar energy and the need to socialize and materialize it on our faces.”

Businesswoman Nicole Oshima, 25, says that she has always bet on colors. “I’ve always done colorful makeup, I’ve always loved it,” she says.

The intern Beatriz Mizuno, 22, has also incorporated colors into her daily life. She says that she noticed when this type of production began to be successful abroad and realized that the movement began to gain strength in Brazil with the debut of the series “Euphoria” (HBO, 2019), which featured characters with full neon makeup of glitter. “I go a lot with trends”, he reveals.

Another woman who has always liked makeup is the lawyer and cultural manager Caroleta Marinho, 38 years old. In her opinion, in addition to the fact that fashion is cyclical, there is now greater attention to the eyes, as the mask has been incorporated into our daily lives as an essential protection measure against Covid-19. “People are painting their eyes a lot again, it’s the only part we can show.”

She also says that she invests more colors even in the corporate environment. “I’ve been using a lot of colored stuff in my eyes for a few years now. Even though I’m a lawyer, I manage to put some touches of color even in the work environment”, says Caroleta.

The MAC makeup artist, incidentally, agrees and tries to encourage women to let go of what she calls “social makeup”. “The vibrant color can appear on the lips, eyes or even cheeks”, says Kátia.

Caroleta says that, some time ago, she used to mix products to get more colorful tones. According to makeup artist and content creator Karen Bachini, it is a fact that the cosmetics market started to invest more in the segment in recent years, so that today there is already a good variety of more pigmented products. “We have excellent products on our hands,” says Karen.

For those interested in colors, but not sure where to start, the content creator’s tip is simply to play and “get out of the box”. “Makeup is a form of art and expression.”
Beatriz, in turn, recommends combining eyeshadow and eyeliner colors, for example. “I usually like to combine some shades of eyeshadow and do colored outlines”, she says, who usually looks for inspiration on platforms like Pinterest or even album covers, “to do a reinterpretation”.

Nicole says that she usually tests makeup before, doing a “swatch” (comparative) on her arm to see if the colors match. The lawyer Caroleta has a good tip for those who like to innovate — and also want to save. She learned to use her cosmetics in different ways, different even from their original function: you can try out a lipstick as an eyeliner or use an eyeshadow as an illuminator, for example.

Finally, Kátia and Karen leave tips for those who want to ride the wave of colors. Check out the main tricks below:


Dermatologist Mecleine Dantas, from the aesthetic dermatology company Sinclair, says that products with a lot of pigment, such as colored eyeshadows, have greater allergic potential, so it is necessary to pay attention. She says, however, that the technology is increasing and that most products sold today are free of parabens and other harmful residues.

According to her, a good skin care routine is essential for skin health. To help with production, the dermatologist shares the step-by-step instructions for a good care routine.

PRE-MAKEUP: The first step, before the makeup, is to clean the face with a soap suitable for the type of skin, defined through consultations with a dermatologist.

After cleaning, it is necessary to hydrate the skin and use an antioxidant, “which fights free radicals, generated daily by pollution, stress and aging itself”. In addition, it is recommended to apply a night-time acid, also prescribed by a dermatologist.

It is also essential to use sunscreen at least twice a day. For those who suffer from blemishes and melasmas, the ideal is to apply four times. When doing makeup, it is also important that the skin is hydrated.

POST MAKEUP: When removing makeup, the main thing is to ensure that all residues have been eliminated, in order to avoid the emergence of allergies and dermatitis. The process is simple: just use a make-up remover and then wash the skin with a suitable soap and apply a tonic.


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