Geraldo Luís undergoes catheterization after chest pain and malaise: ‘Scare’


Geraldo Luís, 50, told this Saturday (20), that he underwent a cardiac catheterization. The invasive test that investigates the blood vessels and the interior of the heart was carried out the day before the report, after the journalist and presenter had peaks of high blood pressure and uncontrolled diabetes.

“Now everything is fine! Yesterday I had a scare, as I had a small pain in my chest followed by a malaise that I’ve felt all week,” began the journalist and presenter on Instagram. He sought care at a hospital in São Paulo, where he underwent a series of tests, which diagnosed obstructive fatty plaques in the arteries of the heart.

Geraldo also said that he had already been discharged and that he was instructed by the medical team to follow the treatment, which includes changes in his lifestyle at home. “Once again, God saving me. Thank you to my son who always remains as my ground in these very important hours”, concluded the journalist, thanking young João Pedro Sacramento, 21.

Tom Cavalcante, Simone and Simaria, Luiza Tomé and Renata Alves are among the celebrities who wished the journalist a prompt recovery. “Geraldo, you’re a winner friend, one more step and soon you’ll be brand new!!! Stay with God,” wrote singer and presenter Ronnie Von.

In February, Geraldo also had health problems. He had to be hospitalized for 22 days after tests found that his lungs were compromised due to Covid-19. A month after being discharged, the journalist said he had a sequel of the disease. “I lost movement in my right leg. Now just physical therapy. This is Covid,” he wrote on Instagram Stories at the time.


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