Two years after Gugu’s death, children express their desire to donate organs


On the day that marks two years after the death of Augusto Liberato, Gugu (1959-2019), the presenter’s children with Rose Miriam Di Matteo, 58 reinforced the campaign to encourage organ donation. João Augusto, 20, and the twins Marina and Sofia, 17, shared a video this Sunday (21) on the Instagram account Gugu Vive explaining a little about the action they seek to promote.

“Today it is two years since the death of Gugu, my father”, says Marina. Afterwards, João comments on the fact that the presenter left an example to Brazil when he wanted to donate the organs attended by his family. “A single donor can help dozens of people and bring peace and joy to many families,” added Sofia.

Afterwards, João tells that both he and the sisters will follow their father’s example and will also become organ donors. The trio then invites internet users to take part in this campaign, expressing their desire to donate organs through a video posted on the social network.

The text that accompanies the video talks about the importance of the gesture. “With the pandemic, organ donations dropped drastically. But, we encourage families to authorize donation when the time is right. In our experience, the pain of a family can be alleviated with this act of love”, says an excerpt of the content.

The video of the three together may mean that the rumors that the brothers were fighting due to differences related to the millionaire inheritance left by Gugu may have come to an end, as Marina signaled on Wednesday (17). When responding to an internet user about the reason why “she is fighting with her brother and doesn’t talk to him anymore”, the young woman said: “We’re not fighting and I talked to him today”.


Gugu Liberato, 60, was announced to be dead on November 21, 2019. He died in a hospital in Orlando, Florida, where he was hospitalized the day before his death. The presenter, who lived in a condominium on the outskirts of town, fell from a height of four meters while making a repair to the air conditioning installed in the attic.

The presenter was referred to the Orlando Health Medical Center hospital. Due to the seriousness of her condition, no surgical procedure was indicated. During the observation period, the absence of brain activity was found, according to the death note, which does not specify the exact date of death.

“Our Gugu always lived in a simple and joyful way, surrounded by his family and extremely dedicated to his children. And so it was until the end of his life, which occurred after an accident at home,” the family wrote, in a note.


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