“Something is Baking Again”: A week with … warm-blooded contestants (pics + vid)


A new week full of cooking begins at “Something is being baked again”. Five different personalities are invited to coexist this week as well, to prepare delicious dishes and to live a fun experience that can bring them 2,500 euros!

It makes the beginning on Monday 22/11 Dimitris. He is single and has a great weakness in his mother. He does not cook often, but when he does, the result, he says, is delicious. The table is set and the first confrontations make their appearance, as Giannis tries to catch the eye, something that bothers Dimitris. Most people like the appetizer, the main thing leaves them fasting and the dessert will probably be forgotten quickly! The night closes with mixed emotions since everyone understands that coexistence between them will be difficult!

The Tuesday 23/11 John, the presenter of the company, wants to amaze the crowds by bringing Italian perfume to his table. He feels confident that he will be the winner of the week and believes that no one can compete with his menu. Dimitris, however, has not forgotten the previous night at his house and reserves a surprise for the host, which causes many questions to the rest of the company.

The Wednesday 24/11, Theodora enters the kitchen. Anxious, but good cook and housewife wants to impress her guests. But this is not enough for a perfect night. The blood rushes from the very first minutes, with the boys of the company causing great upset. Arguments give and take. Dimitris does not let the conversation fall down and comes to a rift with George and John. Theodora looks very upset that her dinner took another turn.

The Thursday 25/11 everyone is waiting to eat healthy, after the coach of the company cooks, George. His menu does not impress his guests and once again Dimitris is fasting. Dimitris’s attitude is worrying and now everyone is sure that he is following a strategy. George and John seem quite angry with Dimitris. The tensions continue unabated.

Takes the reins at the end of the week Mrs. Maria. Good housewife, measured and confident. However, she is anxious, lest Dimitris, Giorgos and Giannis spoil her night. And while everyone would expect that on the last day the spirits would calm down, the exact opposite happens. George can not control his nerves towards Dimitris. “Something Bake Again” is turning into a battlefield this week.

Who will leave the “cooking arena” with 2,500 euros?

“SOMETHING IS BAKED AGAIN” with Konstantina Spyropoulou-Daily at 17:05 on SKAI

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