São Paulo has 3 more cases of monkeypox and the total rises to 14 in the country

São Paulo has 3 more cases of monkeypox and the total rises to 14 in the country

The Ministry of Health and the São Paulo Health Department confirmed this Thursday (23) three more positive cases of monkeypox in São Paulo. There are three men aged between 24 and 37 and residents of the capital.

The three cases are autochthonous, that is, of local transmission, since the patients have no travel history to countries with confirmed cases. Health authorities are investigating to identify contagion links.

According to a note from the Ministry of Health, the patients are isolated, with a stable clinical picture, without complications and being monitored by the Health Departments of the State and Municipality.

With these three more, São Paulo already has ten confirmed cases, six in the capital, two in Indaiatuba, one in Santo André and another in Vinhedo. There are 14 in the country, including two in Rio de Janeiro and two in Rio Grande do Sul.

Another ten cases are being investigated, according to the ministry: two in Ceará, four in Rio de Janeiro, one in Santa Catarina, one in Acre and two in Rio Grande do Sul.

The first case of monkeypox was recorded in Brazil on June 8, in São Paulo, in a 41-year-old man who traveled to Spain and Portugal.

Last Monday (20), the state of Rio de Janeiro confirmed the diagnosis in a 25-year-old patient who lives in Maricá. He informed that he did not travel to other countries, but had contact with foreigners.

Monkeypox is spread through close contact. Infection can be via the respiratory tract, but prolonged close face-to-face contact is required.

Another form of infection is through the blister-like sores that monkey pox causes on the skin. Sores are one of the symptoms of the disease, which also include fever and body aches.

Experts say that the chances of monkeypox becoming a pandemic are slim because of the low transmission capacity of the virus. However, they say it is important to remain vigilant, with effective screening and diagnosis methods.

The WHO (World Health Organization) called this Thursday (23) for vigilance and transparency in the face of the monkeypox outbreak, which has now totaled more than 3,200 cases.

The organization brought together experts from several countries to determine whether or not the situation constitutes an “international public health emergency”, as is the case with the Covid-19 pandemic. But no decision should be taken before Friday (24).

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