Opinion – Cannabis Inc.: Cannabis Law Should Be Enacted This Tuesday


The expectation regarding the sanction of PL 1180 is very high. The project determines the free distribution of extracts based on cannabis medicine by SUS (Sistema Único de Saúde) in São Paulo. The text was approved by Alesp (Legislative Assembly of São Paulo) in December (21). It is up to the new governor Tarcísio de Fretas to give the final approval for the bill to become law.

The team of Deputy Caio França (PSB), one of the authors of the project, announced that, this Tuesday (31), Freitas will sanction Bill 1180, at 6 pm. “I will be at the Palace today to monitor the sanction along with Deputy Caio França, who worked hard for this victory”, says Deputy Sérgio Victor (Novo), co-author of the text. Sought by the report, the advisory of Palácio dos Bandeirantes did not confirm the information, nor did it deny it. Let’s wait.

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