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Marijuana increases sex drive and orgasm intensity, study suggests


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A study conducted in the United States points out that the use of cannabis before sex helps to increase the desire and intensity of orgasm. In addition to these benefits, women also reported a higher incidence of multiple orgasms with the experience.

The study was done with 811 people between 18 and 85 years old. Most of the sample consisted of white women with higher education. Participants completed a questionnaire about satisfaction, performance and the way they used the plant before sex.

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Experts heard by Sheet, however, advise against its use with the aim of improving sexual relations. According to them, there are more efficient alternatives such as therapy. Recreational use not being allowed in the country is also a reason for alert, as there is no safety in plants sold on trafficking routes.

In the questionnaire used by the researchers, the authors used the term marijuana to refer to any type of cannabis sativa. The technique used to find the participants was the so-called “snowball”, in which the members invite new respondents in their network of contacts.

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The study “The influence of cannabis on sexual functioning and satisfaction”, was published in January in the Journal of Cannabis Research.

More than 70% reported increased sexual desire and orgasm intensity after consuming marijuana before sexual activity. Most were in a monogamous relationship, and 25% of the sample was LGBTQIA+. Participants reported that the substance improved senses such as touch and taste, as well as increased satisfaction during masturbation.

In addition to these benefits, women cited an increased chance of having multiple orgasms in intercourse. Because of the results, scholars suggest that this may be an alternative to treat orgasm inequality, a term created by psychologist and sex therapist Laurie Mintz in the book “Becoming Cliterate”.

According to the literature mentioned in the study, 90% of men claim to usually reach orgasm during sexual intercourse, while less than 50% of women live the experience regularly. The number of women who always reach orgasm is 6%.

“The results of this study suggest that cannabis can potentially close the orgasm inequality gap,” say the researchers, who point out that women with vaginismus or low desire can reap the benefits.

Wanting to relax, sales consultant Alexandra Francisco, 26, who was not involved in the study, wanted to experience what it would be like to use marijuana before having sex. According to Francisco, the experience helped her to know herself better and intensified her senses.

“When I used it, I was more comfortable with my body. I was able to understand where it was and what was the movement that made me more comfortable”, he says. She also claims that the use of the plant facilitated and intensified orgasm, in addition to making foreplay more pleasurable.

Psychologist and art educator Marcelle Louzada, 41, who was also not part of the work, says using cannabis before sex provides a more fluid and relaxed sexual experience. “It’s still a huge taboo for us women to enjoy and talk about our enjoyment, wanting more than being desired. Marijuana facilitates the enjoyment of oneself”, she says.

In April 2021, together with other women, she founded the collective of anti-prohibitionist mothers “Segurando das Pontas”, whose focus is on motherhood, postpartum and cannabis consumption. According to Louzada, mothers who participate in the group frequently cite the therapeutic power of masturbation and marijuana.

According to Carolina Ambrogini, sexologist and gynecologist at Unifesp (Federal University of São Paulo), the positive effect of marijuana on sexuality is due to THC, the psychoactive substance in marijuana, which is responsible for relaxation.

“It really has the property of improving the senses, such as taste and touch,” he says.

For her, who coordinates the Aphrodite Project, a female sexuality outpatient clinic at Unifesp’s Gynecology Department, there are more suitable alternatives to improve sexual relations, such as therapy.

“The best way is to understand your own sexuality, understand how you have an orgasm and what you like. Sex therapy improves life globally and helps break taboos”, he says.

Ambrogini says that the use of cannabis can be palliative and bring risks to the consumer, since, as marijuana for recreational purposes is not legalized in Brazil, there is little certainty about what substances can actually be found in the commercialized drug. She also cites the risks of use, such as dependence, breathing problems and triggering crises in patients with mental disorders.

Urologist and sex therapist Celso Marzano, who is a member of SLAIS (Latin American Society for the Study of Impotence and Sexuality), indicates that less subjective studies on the subject can help to better understand the effect of cannabis. In the case of men, there are studies that mention that the substance can have a harmful effect, making erection difficult, for example.

“I would guide the patient to leave marijuana aside and, in the doctor’s office, go for drugs whose result and action we already know deeply”, says the doctor.

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