Research: Children born by ectopic are not at risk of heart disease compared to other children

Research: Children born by ectopic are not at risk of heart disease compared to other children

IVF children do not have worse cardiometabolic health, a major new international study reassures

A new international scientific study, the largest of its kind to date, it reassures that IVF-born children do not show worse cardiometabolic health, having roughly the same levels of blood pressure, heart rate, lipids and blood sugar as children conceived naturally.

Since the first one was born “pipe child” concerns have been raised about their long-term health risks. Previous studies on this issue have been small, of short duration and with insufficient control groups for comparison purposes.

The new research by researchers from the international scientific group Assisted Reproductive Technology and Health Partnership (ART Health), including Greek scientists, analyzed data from 14 studies that involved a total of approx. 35,000 children from Europe, Australia and Singapore, who had been born through assisted reproduction methods. Key cardiometabolic biomarkers of the children were followed over time until their third decade of life.

The researchers, led by epidemiologist Dr. Ahmed Elhakim of the School of Medicine of the British University of Bristol, who made the relevant publication in the European Cardiology Journal “European Heart Journal”, found that blood pressure, blood glucose (sugar) and heart function was similar in the extracorporeal children to the rest of the children.

Children of assisted reproduction (ART) have been shown to have slightly elevated cholesterol levels during childhood, but this usually does not persist into adulthood, and they also have evidence of slightly elevated blood pressure as adults.

“This was the largest study of its kind,” said Dr. Elhakim. “Both parents who conceive or hope to conceive through assisted reproductive technology and their children can be reassured that their cardiometabolic health appears to be similar in ART and naturally conceived children. Further research with an even longer follow-up horizon will help examine whether these findings change as the years pass after adulthood.”

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