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Scientists are in the process of creating one contraceptive pill for men, which will not contain hormones.

The first tests, carried out on mice, indicate that the pill keeps sperm “dormant” for at least a few hours, achieving the interruption of its circulation to the egg.

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The pill will also be tested on other experimental animals, such as rabbits, before it becomes available official human trial.

How does it work;

Unlike the female birth control pill, the male birth control pill does not contain hormones.

Scientists say that the lack of hormones is one of the advantages of their creation, as in this way the pill does not affect testosterone or any other male hormone.

In the early study, which is ongoing, in mice and funded by the US National Institutes of Health, a dose of the drug, called TDI-11861immobilized sperm before, during and after mating.

The effect lasted approx three hourswhile in 24 hours it seemed that its action had completely stopped.

One of the scientists, Dr. Melanie Balbach of Weill Cornell Medicine in New York, said that if it eventually works effectively in humans, men will be able to take it as often as they want and need, without this implying that the pill offers them protection against infections and sexually transmitted diseases, that the public prophylactic.