The relaxation of protective measures against the coronavirus for the administrative staff of health facilities was decided at today’s (Wednesday) meeting of the Committee of Experts.

Signaling the subsidence of the intensity of the pandemic, among other things, it was decided to change the management of patients with coronavirus in ICUs. So they will not be treated exclusively in a Covid ICU, nor will intensive care be separated into Covid-19 and non-Covid.

Given the vaccination of the majority of the population and the possibility of pharmaceutical coverage of patients with a range of preparations during their hospitalization, the experts recommended, and the Ministry of Health accepted, the hospitalization of coronavirus patients in all ICUs, as is the case for other diseases.

The abolition of Covid and non-Covid ICUs and the return to the pre-pandemic situation will probably come into force with the MCA since April. All other issues suggested by the experts are to be discussed at the next meeting of the Committee of Experts.