“Pandemics they come again and again, it is a natural phenomenon that the planet lives all the time and for this reason the health systems must be ready”, said the assistant professor of hygiene and pathology Gikas Majorkinis, speaking in the morning on the show “Simera” on SKAI.

Mr. Majorkinis mentioned that the World Health Organization is “ringing” the alarm bell, so that we can “fortify ourselves” and be ready. “This is a courtesy exercise so that if the pandemic comes we will be ready.”

The professor resembled disease X with earthquakes, characteristically noting that we never know when it will happen “however, we build the buildings based on anti-seismic rules. “This is how we have to prepare the health system as well”, he said characteristically.

In the question, if there is information about the origin of the killer disease, Mr. Majorkinis, noted that it remains unknown, however, it is most likely a “zoonosis that has been in animals for millions of years, over the years it adapts better and is transmitted to humans.”