He talks with Marinaki and ends up with the chosen one, Kordon


The processes for a coach in the last few hours have been feverish Olympic. Upon his arrival Antonio Cordon and the official assumption of his duties, the matter entered its final stretch and everything shows that by next week there will be announcements.

The Spanish technical director has already started contacts with PAE officials, while perhaps today he will meet with him Vangelis Marinakis, who returned from London. Cordon’s contacts with the coaches he has singled out are now advanced, the names on the list have been narrowed down and we are in the final stretch.

The Anthony Iraola and Jose Bordalasleaving Rayo Vallecano and Getafe respectively, feature prominently on the list, while Jose Cageja playing Levante in the play-offs for promotion to La Liga is also a concern. In consideration is Jordi Cruyff, who has worked with Cordon, while on the contrary, an unattainable goal now seems Marthelino due to suitors from the Champions League and o Leonardo Jardim due to huge proposals from Arab groups.

Apart from the matter of the coach, Cordon will immediately “run” issues of potential, as well the roster is overnumbered, together with the borrowers. They will happen clearances, in order to limit the number to the players needed. After all, many of those who still have a contract are clearly not counted on for the next season and a formula will be sought for them to leave.

Source: Sport Fm

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