On Saturday June 10, 2023 a Hybrid Day will be held with the title: “Radiation therapy in breast cancer – Special topics for the breast surgeon“, under his direction Mr. Vasiliou VenizelouSurgeon, Director of the Breast Unit of the Metropolitan Hospital, President of EDEKMA and Mr. Athanasios DimopoulosDirector Coordinator of the Radiotherapeutic Oncology Department of the Metropolitan Hospital and Chairman of the Organizing Committee.

The conference is organized by Hellenic Interdisciplinary Society of Breast Cancer (EDEKMA) in collaboration with its Radiation Oncology Center Metropolitan Hospital at the Royal Olympic Hotel. The talks relate to the modern techniques of radiation therapy as an important part of cancer treatment and how the advancement of technology gives serious hope for the cure of many patients, allowing absolute precision in the targeting of radiation, without burdening healthy tissues.

The Metropolitan Hospitalsponsor of the conference, has created a state-of-the-art Model Radiation Oncology Center family of the most advanced foreign centers, in order to offer the full range of state-of-the-art treatments to oncology patients.